Thursday, July 12, 2012

Simple Gift Box

 At this time of year I start preparing a few gifts for the festive season.  If I don't start now nothing is finished on time.

This week I have been making a gift box using items I have bought in the op shops during the year. 

 The white Lumiere paint is the only item that I have bought at normal retail for this  project.  The other paints were part of a lot of paints and glues purchased some time ago.

I have painted the heart shaped box and trimmed it with some wallpaper border around the outside.  On the top is part of a lace doiley I bought when I was in Tweed Heads last year and met up with Elizabeth for some bargain hunting.  The motif is cut out roughly and painted before gluing to the top.

The result is a pretty box which has cost me less than $3.00 so far.

I am thinking of lining the inside with silk but then again I might just paint it.  

The pics are all out of order - blame blogger.


Katherine said...

Love that wallpaper strip!. WHat a great idea for boxing up things at xmas time. I need to get a bit of a wriggle on here too with a few things.

Karyn said...

The box looks great. The wallpaper strip has turned out wonderfully. I haven't even begun to think about christmas; well, I have but have had no bursts of inspiration yet.

margaret said...

such a pretty box, love the wallpaper and the doily on the top, someone will treasure this gift

Robin Mac said...

You are so well organised, and that wallpaper looks really great. cheers

Linda said...

What a pretty box Dian!! I am a bit behind with your posts [bookwork]. This is really lovely, and it's so nice to be able to dress up a very mundane looking article. That wallpaper strip is gorgeous. Cheers.