Monday, July 23, 2012

stash and treasure

Today I made a start on sorting out my stash!  If I cannot think of a use for a piece of fabric then it will go to the op shop.

My work area is large but it has to accommodate everything I need when looking after the twins (including 2 cots & High chairs), my office equipment and files and last but not least my sewing/creating equipment and materials.

It is a constant challenge to make the area workable.  My computers and sewing machines are on desks and tables which are surrounded by a large playpen!!! 

Everything else is always on the move as the twins grow taller and have learnt to climb.

The bookshelves hold file folders, plastic drawers full of reels of machine threads, books, beads and pictures for the little ones.  High up on the shelves are things that have been put our of reach.

With this in mind I decided to cover some of my file folders.  I am just using up unwanted fabric and gluing it onto the folders. You can see I have done 4 so far and they look so much more interesting than they did before.

After this I decided to line the heart shaped box I showed on a previous post.  This has worked out quite well.  The fabric is some kind of furnishing fabric which feels a little like velvet - it varies in colour from navy blue through to burgundy so it looks nice and plush.  My daughter gave me her stash of fabric when she stopped sewing so it is good that I have found a use for it.

Tomorrow I will finish the edges of this box off and then it will be done. 


Anonymous said...

Looks good so far. I have cleaned the stash once this Spring but feel like I need to do it all again, too hot today though.....xox

Karyn said...

my stash is in huge need of clearing out. You look like you have made a good start on yours. (my excuse is it is too cold in my sewing room at the monute!)

Linda said...

What a neat way to use up your fabrics Dian!! They certainly look lovely, and different to what I had imagined after you'd told me. I love the fabric you've used!! I have some folders for threads, but have only covered them with that contact stuff, very ugly compared to your lovely fabrics!! Hope you manage to continue to make 'order'. Cheers.