Friday, July 20, 2012

still gardening

At this time of year we have lots of gorgeous things in bloom. 

 Although it is quite cold and damp the plants and especially the weeds just keep on growing.

 When it is too cold to be in the garden I can go on with the stitching.  

My little knot garden is coming along nicely.

It is quite slow going but because it is repetitive it is very relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Oh the top shot is an amazing plant - something we don't see here that's for sure. Lots more stitching going on.....Good stuff. xox

katherine macwin said...

I still have a few roses to finish as we were away earlier in the week so I guess it is gardening for me this weekend to catch up! And the weeds love the damp weather here too lol. I love the stitchery you are working on and that thread for the french knots is producing a wonderful array of colours too.

Linda said...

Love those Banksias Dian!! Your garden looks very green and lush of course. Nice to see the progress on your 'stitched' garden. I can relate to how it makes you feel whilst stitching. Sorry I've been AWOL from computer for a few days.