Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday treats

I am not sure if life is just going faster or I am getting slower but there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

On Sunday evening I did some work on my knot garden - one segment of lawn in very fine chain stitch is complete and I am happy with it.   I did decide that one group of beds should be beaded and quite some time was spent sorting the right beads for the job and then more than an hour of stitching was done before I realised I was beading a grassed area instead of a garden bed.  mmm.  Not happy.  Anyway the beads were removed and I have decided not to put any beads on this one - back to french knots.  What a waste of time and effort.

In my "spare time" I am getting on with painting the interior of the house - it is far too cold for painting outdoors.

The smell of paint is a bit much so I popped out for some therapeutic op shopping.  I really only intended to take some photos for the op shopping blog.
Of course once I was there I needed to buy a few things and in fact was very pleased with what I found.  The pic in the top left corner of the collage is a wooden box which contains bobbins, parts and an instruction book for a singer sewing machine.  One the right are two tea towels featuring Northern Ireland.  They are unused and good quality linen so I will use them in my kitchen. Bottom left is a kit to make hand made paper.  It has never been used and although I have made paper using a makeshift kind of screen, I am sure this will be easier.  The last items are some sketch pads and sketch books.  Just what I need. All of these cost me a total of $22.50 which seems good value considering the paper making kit has an original price of $20.00

This Salvos store has so many great items from furniture to clothes, toys, books and of course craft items.  The staff are so friendly and helpful so it is always a pleasure to shop there. 


Gina E. said...

I agree with you Dian - the Salvos stores are among the best presented opshops around. Some people say the Salvos are too expensive, but I have two replies to that: firstly the money is going to a very good cause, and you would have to be pretty mean to resent paying a bit extra for good quality goods at the Salvos stores. Secondly, define the word expensive - whatever the Salvos charge, it is a darn sight cheaper than the original retail cost!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun place, glad you could get the paint smell out of your head.....keep on those knots, the garden is looking good! xox

Katherine said...

No Dianne it is going faster I am sure. Time just needs to stop and let us all catch up again lol. I love the knot garden you are working on and I have arranged my weeks around a bit so I get one Wednesday home all day with hopefully no interuptions once a fortnight. Today it is going to be stitching day! SOmetimes it will have to be cooking day but if I'm in the mood I will enjoy that too lol

Annie said...

I'd forgotten just how satisfying it is to fill a space with french knots. I've done many pieces of embroidery using french knots but not for a very long time....now where did I put them? :-)
A x

Linda said...

Your knot garden is looking so lovely Dian. Sorry to hear about the beading dilemma!! Your shopping exploits are always of interest, and thank you for showing a photograph of the Salvos store - what a beautifully set out shop - no wonder you like going there!!