Sunday, March 18, 2012

Autumn collage on the table

This month I have received some Mistyfuse and Foil from The Thread Studio you can check them out here and this has really inspired me to do something creative.

  I checked out some ideas here and then rummaged around in my workroom to see what I could do.

First I found some copper metallic Angelina fibres.  

The Mistyfuse is very fine and lovely to use:  I laid the black mistyfuse on some baking paper and spread some copper Angelina fibres on top and laid the white mistyfuse on the top.  After covering it with another sheet of baking paper I ironed it thoroughly
 You can see from the photos that it is still quite transparent (or is that translucent). 
 Having done that I collected things that I liked including a canvas I had painted yellow some time ago.

 Among the bits and bobs I found some paper, ribbons, fabric, dried flowers and free machine made lace to mention just a few.

This collection will sit on the table for a few days - I will place the pieces and leave it for a while and then move them around until I am happy with them.


Anonymous said...

The Angelina fibres, and Misty Fuse might make good fairy wings methinks!
Isn't Autumn a lovely season. Thread Studio has some amazing stuff.I haven't got anything from there for ages! Must have a look.

Anonymous said...

Oh I like Judy's comment, fairy wings, yes indeed. xox

Linda said...

Oh Dian, what a lovely assortment. I received my POM package on Friday, but after such a busy weekend, it's still sitting waiting for me to work on. I have a little pot of green, a colour I love working with of course, but I am rapt in your bits and pieces!!! I actually have never used the black Gossamer fuse, so will have fun with that. It's really cool getting something small and workable!! Take care.

Wanda Art. said...

Hello Dianne,
your works are beautiful, interesting technique, your inspracje, and everything you create, wish you every success,
regards, Hugs :)))