Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 Today we celebrate 43 years together.  We were married at St.Marks Anglican Church in Forest Hill.
I grew my hair: it took the better part of a year as it had always been short.  The veil was borrowed from my cousin and Mike gave me the gold heart shaped locket.  I carried a white leather prayer book with a pink silk rose on top of it.

My tiny tiara was hidden in my hair but it sits in my sewing room on the shelf now.

We had an alcohol free reception and most of our guests finished the celebrations at a party at Mike's parent's house.  

After the reception we were to spend the night at our rented flat.  We were unaware that the locks had been changed earlier in the day and of course we didn't have a key.  A drive down the highway and we found a motel to stay in.  The manager obviously didn't believe we were married and put us in a room with single beds.  We laugh about it now! 



Anonymous said...

Oh Dian, how wonderful! Forty Three years together is worth Celebrating!!Hope you spoiled yourselves.
Oh No..having to spend your honeymoon in a room with single beds.I could say something about beds and castors, but I won't!!!hehe.
Love this post

Doreen G said...

Congratulations Dian on 43 years together.
We celebrate 50 years in June this year.
We had a similar experiance on our honeymoon except the other way around. Our car broke down before we could even go to our hotel so we spent the night in our rented flat.
Great memories.

Suztats said...

Happy Anniversary! 43 years! Wow! Congratulations!
We'll celebrate 39 years this fall. We had a funny wedding night, too. DH rented a small cabin for the night (we eloped) but it only had a 3/4 bed. DH had too much to drink, and I had to drive his standard volkswagon (my first time driving a standard!! ack) down the road to the cabin. I let him off at the door to unlock it while I parked the car. When I returned, he'd fallen asleep spread-eagle on the little bed. I couldn't squeeze into it anywhere, so I sat up all night reading a Perry Mason murder mystery!

Anonymous said...

Dian, I am loving these Wedding Night Stories!!Can I send a link to this post, I think others might like them too. It's a wonder any of us stayed married..hehe.!!

Anonymous said...

Big, big congats Dianne. Wow 43 years that is really something, good on you! xox Corrine

Shane Pollard said...

Congratulations Dian!!
Wishing you both a very Happy 43rd Anniversary and many more to come - well done!!
I love your photo which takes me back to 'that' era - we were married in 1970 so it's 42 years for us in April!!
You made such a beautiful bride and I LOVE your tiara - very swish!!

Linda said...

Hi Dianne, and congratulations to you and Mike for such an achievement. Such a lovely post, and what a lovely couple you made [and still do!!]. Your hair/tiara/veil all look gorgeous. What a coincidence - we actually lived in a little town called Forest Hill after our marriage. I've checked and there are four little towns by that name in Australia. Thanks so much for sharing such a special photograph.

Karyn said...

Happy anniversary to you both. Your tiara looks sweet, I am glad you have kept it all this time.
The only problem we had on our wedding night was having my mother talk her way into our motel room and putting confetti all through our bed!

Anonymous said...

A belated happy anniversary from me too. I love reading about how others have started married life. Lance and I may have only been together for 18 but we have out done quite a few already. I keep telling him to be around for our 50th lol.