Wednesday, July 4, 2012

winter sunshine

Every cloud has a silver lining - so they say.

Well, we have lots of cloud at present and plenty of rain as well.

Obviously, for those of us who like to create,  the cloudy days  provide us with lots of time for making  our mark.

After a long chat with Linda on the phone I settled down to work on my gum blossom.  So far it is not finished but the background is done.  Gold foil over a canvas is covered with hessian to support the leaves and flowers.  Once I am happy with the position of the elements I will secure them to the hessian and it will be done.

I am so pleased that I went with the gorgeous sunny yellow for the flowers - it really speaks of summers past and future.


Katherine said...

They are beautiful blossoms

WandarArt.Stitch said...

Dian, your experiment came out beautifully, the leaves are beautiful.
Both have great talent, and how together you can cool the job done, advise, etc.
Best regards :)))

Annie said...

Hi Dian,
This is really gorgeous. So lovely to see some sunny flowers on this gloomy day :-)
A x

Anonymous said...

Oh this is great! You did a beautiful job, love it! xox

shirley said...

dian, your gum blossoms are lovely and the leaves are perfect.

Linda said...

Absolutely love it Dian. The gold behind the hessian adds a bit of 'light', and of course I love the yellow flowers, don't I............ I think your leaves are just lovely. I hope my felting will improve to that degree in time. Lovely chatting again, always something inspirational to talk about.

margaret said...

Hi Dian, was wondering when we were going to have a peep and it was well worth waiting for, works well on the hessian and like you say the yellow of the gum blossom is lovely.

Is there anywhere in the world that it is not raining? we have had the wettetr and coldest june since records began some summer!!

Radka said...

Wonderful, Dian!