Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last night I added a magnetic clip to the inside of my needlebook, but of course I had to put it on the outside of the lining as I had been silly enough to finish off the construction already.  I decided to cover the little magnets with a pretty lace motif which I had in the stash.  The pink was just the right shade so I felt quite pleased with the result.  

The wool I used to line the needlebook was so pretty and I had a small amount left so I decided I "needed" another pin cushion.  Goodness knows how many I need but I do love making them so that was my goal for the evening as we watched an old episode of A Touch of Frost.   I had another of the little lace motifs and added a few french knots and embroidered flowers: blanket stitch and some polyester filling and you can see the result is quite sweet.  Now I wonder, do I need another scissor fob?  Not that I ever use them: they hang from door knobs in my sewing room and occasionally one goes to a friend for a gift. 


Linda said...

Dian, I can't believe how pretty that wool lining fabric is, and how well it goes with your 'created fabric'. It just shows we do use things from our stash eventually.
I love the sweet little pincushion, and yes, go one, perhaps you need another scissor fob.....

Jensters said...

Well Dian if you enjoy making them go ahead....i love both but my fav is scissor fobs and i use them...lol....that wool lining is very pretty and looks wonderful with the lace motif x