Thursday, June 10, 2010

You really have to laugh!

Yesterday I managed to lock myself in my sewing room/office.  This room is under the main part of our house and quite independent - no access from one to the other.  We have lived here for a while now but have never shut the screen door down here as it doesn't fit properly and there is no point. Well yesterday I pulled the door fully shut   -  as it turned out  -   fully locked.  As we don't use the door I don't have a key for it on my keyring, nor have I ever tried any of the many spare keys we were were given for the house.  I did however remember that there were keys "somewhere".  
After a few minutes of panic I decided to climb out one of the windows.  Fortunately they are close to the ground.  I went upstairs and looked around and then suddenly remembered that the spare keys are kept down in my office!!!!!!!!  Yes, I had to climb back in through the window, sort through the keys and unlock the door!!!!

So funny now.

 I have made a little more progress on the piece of pleasted silk.  I am now in a quandary about its future.  I have decided it is too delicate to be a needlebook and my second idea of a journal cover might work but the piece is quite bulky.  Perhaps I'll just frame it and put it on the wall.  Any suggestions welcome. 


Radka said...

I can see that you are having fun and keeping fit at the same time!LOL

DIAN said...

Thanks Radka. You did make me smile.

Linda said...

Oh dear, Dian, I am sure you weren't smiling at the time, but it is funny in hindsight. Thankfully, none of the 'boys in blue' were on street patrol at that time, you may have been arrested!!!

You are making great progress on the journal cover, despite the sore thumb. Well done.

Karyn said...

Oh Dianne; that is funny (now!!). You might want to hang the spare keys next to the door maybe??
As for the smocking; i love it, it is so pretty. What to do with it? That is the eternal question isn't it? the bulk wouldn't matter if the journal was bigger than the material; then you would only have one layer of material around the edges (make sense?)

DIAN said...

Thanks Karyn, yes the keys are in a more appropriate spot now.

Thanks for the compliments regarding the smocking. You are right of course. Why didn't I think of that.

Karyn said...

Because you are obviously suffering post traumatic stress.LOL! I am sure you would have come up with something all on your own. It really is very pretty you know.

JulietteCherry said...

Well, if you are going to get locked in - it might as well be the sewing room!!LOL

Sorry to hear the thumb has come under more trauma. Hope it improves soon.

Would the green smocking make up into a little pouch type bag to carry your threads etc. when you take out a project? Or would it be too fragile? That way it could be seen and admired.

michelle said...

Dian your story really made me chuckle, i love your smocking piece it is gorgeous ! you could incorporate it as a panel in a tote bag but i bet it would love simply beautiful framed it reminds me of a spring meadow !

Anonymous said...

Whoops! LOL Big chuckles here. I have had to climb in windows here that are six foot off the ground. Darling daughter #1 locked me out of the house when she was 3. LOL I love the smocked piece too.