Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School Holidays

Today has been wet and windy and bitterly cold so three of my grandchildren came to visit and will sleep over tonight.  They had a wonderful time searching through the stash for "suitable" fabric for capes etc.
They then made up games and generally made a mess.

Later we went shopping and bought the ingredients for dinner.  The three of them prepared and cooked the meal for all of us which was a real treat.
They used the spare kitchen downstairs so it was a bit of a challenge but they did really well.  Their grandad was most appreciative too.

I must admit to being exhausted but they are still as energetic as ever. 

They will go home early tomorrow and return again on Sunday when we have a family day with 16 of us sitting down to lunch - then our other grandson will also stay the night.

I do enjoy the school holidays.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of your grandies, Dian. I am sure you all had a lovely day.

Jensters said...

Its so lovely to have your grandchildren over and those capes are wonderful.....they could also cook me dinner anytime looking at what they are eating...yummy....have a great day sunday xx

Jensters said...

I did finish it Dian and posted it on Monday....i forgot to take a photo so shall ask Carolyn if she will....i found it very hard....did you make one?! x

Karyn said...

Keeping the kids amused these holidays is going to be a big challenge i think. What a great idea to get them to cook dinner.
Enjoy Sunday: I love big family get togethers.

Anonymous said...

You are a lovely granmama to have them over.They are lucky children, and they are learning to cook which is fantastic.Did you have to turn a litle "blind eye" to the mess(he,he). Bet they felt proud.

Linda said...

Hi Dian, thought I had commented here, but can't see it. The children certainly look happy. You have always given them plenty of room to experiment, and it shows!!! How nice it is for them to cook for you. Good luck with the larger family dinner.