Saturday, June 5, 2010

More fabulous photos

The last few days have been rather taken up with my daughter, who was unwell,  3 of my grandchildren and of course that sore thumb. Fortunately we have plenty of spare beds: unfortunately they are in my sewing room/office!!!
There has been no time for hand stitching although I did a little bit  of free machine stitching while the grandkids were painting.  

They have all gone home now and I have had an afternoon nap.  It will be any easy tea and lots of television tonight.

My son-in-law came to pick them up and brought their little dog Jack for a visit.

I am frustrated at not being able to stitch - the thumb is healing well though, so I have been messing about with some photos.  Just changing the lighting effects on photoshop gave marvelous results.


Radka said...

Love what you are doing with the photo's!
I know what you mean about sewing room/spare bedroom. I hope you had a good "recovery" time!

Linda said...

Dian, lovely photos of the children. They look so happy, and love the photo showing Jack. He's a cute dog, isn't he.

Again, Dian, I am amazed at your photo alterations. You have such an eye for what is a good change. All the 'altered' images are perfect for stitching of some sort. These are just gorgeous!!!

JulietteCherry said...

What lovely photos of your grandchildren. Sure they enjoyed staying with you. Pleased to hear the thumb is progressing well.

The June needlecase looks interesting, you seem to be enjoying this challenge a lot. Good way to incorporate long treasured items from the stash.