Monday, June 28, 2010


 Karyn thanks for mentioning my man 
Mo - man of the desert.  As you may know I made him several years ago at a workshop at Lumina Gallery.  He is made using powertex fabric hardening product.

More of my camelias,  I went to look at the names but the birds steal the labels.  Yes, they really do. 


Anonymous said...

Lovely camellias Dian!

Linda said...

I love the camellia with the petals white/edged pink, it's so pretty. Lovely to see so many. Just visited a friend for a few days and her bushes were covered in blooms too. Wish I could grow them here!!

Thanks for sharing Mo. I thought about him not long ago, as I seem to remember him sitting quietly in the background in a photo you had on here earlier. He's always intrigued me, just something magical about his stance!!!