Monday, June 14, 2010

Dolly faces

This is a little atc I did for Stitchin Fingers, the theme was black & white & one other colour.  It was a fun theme.

These two little ladies are brooches which I made just for fun.  The expressions on the faces are so gorgeous.

 The little handbags and shoes are from 

Welcome to Let's Bead Friends website - Let's Bead Friends

The ladies here are so helpful and their range of charms and findings are amazing.


Linda said...

Dian, you always seem to come up with a cute solution to the 'theme' issue. I love your little ATC. Those 'face' buttons are so sweet, look at their expressions!!! Let's Bead Friends do have some wonderful little charms, etc. Love the little dolly brooches too.

Anonymous said...

love these gorgeous doll brooches. I really like the blue one. The red's gorgeous but somehow the blue one really appeals to me. You are a very clever lady making such things.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

They are gorgeous, Dian!!! How very clever you are!!