Friday, June 11, 2010

I don't have anything new to show today so I will see if there is anything interesting on the back up drive.  I have had a big clean up here this morning which was great - I also dropped a heavy piece of wood on my already painful sore thumb.  Lucky no one else was home so my comments on how I felt were not heard!!!!  I have since been to the doctor, he put something nasty and painful on the wound, ordered me to take better care, covered my thumb in a big bandage and prescribed antibiotics.  I am glad I finished drilling holes in the wall this morning - my husband has forbidden such activities for the foreseeable  future.  

I made this little casket some time ago with some of the goodies I received in a challenge held by the Embroiderers Guild UK forum, It is a pretty simple four sided box, with stitching and added fabrics for contrast.  the lining is painted fabric.

This little casket was inspired by an article in Stitch magazine.  It is made from hand dyed fabric, added some especially dyed lace and covered in lilac organza.  Blanket stitching finishes it off

This casket was made using some fabric I "created" as part of the 3creative studios monthly challenge earlier in the year.  The fabric was hand dyed when I visited Linda  some time ago.  The colour was just a bit too .......sweet... for my liking.  Anyway I painted it with some Lumiere metallic paint and then did some machine stitching.

I lined this box with heavy vilene, and added a tassel to the top and beaded feet to the base, some beads and charms finished it off and I think it worked out quite well. 


Jensters said...

So wonderfu Dian....i love things like this....i need to have ago one day x

Linda said...

Dian, great to see your caskets here. The photos are great and I can see so much detail on enlarging them. Really, that aqua one is divine, despite the colour being 'a bit too sweet'....LOL...
I'm with Jensters, I MUST do some too. I keep putting it off, and really should just do it.
Thanks for sharing them with the blogging community.

Katherine said...

Love the caskets Dianne. Hope the wound is healing quickly now.