Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I had a lot of errands to run today so started the day early and of course the windows of the car needed wiping down before I could start my driving for the day.  As I went to pick up the cloth to clean the windows I slid my thumb along a piece of cardboard the was in the back of the car and nearly took my thumbnail off.  Hence the name of this post.  I seem to bump the thumb no matter how careful I am being so I have wrapped it up well and now it is safer but no more comfortable.

Oh that was a big grizzle, sorry.

Last night I did a little more on my "speak" project.  I will post a pic if I can upload it.  I will probably have to give stitching a miss tonight if my thumb doesn't settle down. 

It is a new month and I need to make a start on yet another needlebook as well as another ATC for Stitchin Fingers.

While I was out and about I managed to take some photos so I will share one or two here.

Don't you just love the shapes of these trees?  Sadly years of drought have taken their toll on these beautiful trees.  There has been plenty of rain lately but it is too late for these beauties.


Radka said...

I hope your thumb gets well soon!!

Linda said...

Dian, sorry to hear of the thumb dilemma. As you say, OUCH!!! Hope it heals quickly. Those type of cuts are nasty in the colder weather.
Love the 'speak' project progress. There will be great variety in the finished product no doubt.
We see so many dead and dying trees too. I suppose it's a combination of poor rainfall, and the salt content rising in the topsoil, not good. I have to say, dead trees are great subjects [some wouldn't like to hear me say that!!!] and stand out well from the background landscape.

JulietteCherry said...

Oooh!! I can almost feel that sore thumb for you. Hope it gets better soon, especially if it halts your stitching progress.

Katherine said...

I've done that too. It is soooooo ouchie. I hope it heals quickly for you. Your speak project is coming along nicely.