Tuesday, June 15, 2010


How amazing - I actually finished a project without becoming bored or distracted!!!!

This little flower covers over the magnetic clasp on my new project bag.

The fabric I had previously created really appealed to me - I finished it off with some metallic paint, then fused some tulle over the lot using mistyfuse which is so lovely and fine that it is ideal for this kind of project. 


Once it was finished I wondered how it would look as a little clutch bag.  Simple to make and I could finish it using the machine.

As you can see it is quite simple with the quilted effect on the inside giving it a soft feel. 

I had a metallic clip in the stash (of course I did) and so I attached that and then just the flower to finish it off.

The flower was made from the tab I cut off a nylon organza curtain (recycling), roughly cut and gathered with some green organza ribbon.  I had to seal the edge of the organza with a flame so used my candle lighter which is easier to use than the soldering iron and gives a softer finish to the edge.

This little bag will be ideal to take a sketch pad and pencil or some stitching whenever I go out. 

Most of the materials used can be bought from many suppliers but I particularly like dealing with The Thread Studio in Western Australia.   The people there are very helpful and the service is quick and good.  Of course I did not buy anything new for this little bag - all in the embarrassingly large stash. 


This sort of quick technique would be good for a book cover or phone pouch too.


Linda said...

Wow, Dian, that was a great project. I think the tulle over it looks lovely, and the little flower you've made finishes it off. Good to see some of the stash being put to good use......LOL...not to mention the recycling bug coming out of hiding. I really love the colours in this, they are so indicative of spring to me [bring it on!!].

Katherine said...

This has come together nicely. I love the flower you made to cover the clasp. I love shades of green. Such a pieceful colour.

Jensters said...

Wow Dian this is stunning and you didnt get bored that must be good.....love the colours...well i love everything about it....and such a good idea for putting sewing into.....i must also treat myself to some mistyfuse as ive heard so much about it x

DIAN said...

Thanks for the comments. It was just a fun project - as usual I made it up as I went along.

Jenster, I cannot recommend the mistyfuse highly enough. It is so fine and is great for fusing fine fabrics such as tulle or organza.