Friday, June 25, 2010


I have had a great day today:  firstly I want to say thanks to everyone who comments on my blog.  It is good to know that what I put on here might inspire someone else, or even just give a little insight into the area I live in.

It has rained pretty much all day here today: about 14 degrees all day too so I have been inside a lot.  I had to go out for a while and so took advantage of the opportunity to call on a few of our local op shops (charity shops) to see if there was anything useful or interesting.  Of course there was.  I managed to find several things, most of which I will photograph tomorrow if it stops raining long enough for me to get them out of the car.  I picked up a few gadgets that will be useful in my studio, as you can see from the pic.

The wooden tray is old and battered but will be useful I am sure, then there is the meat tenderiser which will be great for pulverising leaves and flowers (hapazome), a small whisk (for mixing paints and dyes) a measuring spoon, a cheese knife which might be good for manipulating fabric somehow.  I am sure I will put the spoons and tea infuser to good use as well. 
This camellia looks so perfect I thought you might like to see it.  I have several in bloom at present but the rain will ruin the flowers.  Never mind there are more buds about to come out and the daphne is in bud as well.


Judy said...

What a delicate bloom. Our soils are too "limey"
for camellias- more's the pity.I bet your Daphne has a gorgeous perfume when in bloom.Oh to be able to grow acid-loving plants!
Our clay soil cracks when dry, and is like potters' clay when wet. lots of gypsum helps with that.

Jensters said...

Some great finds hey Dian and you seem to have got it all worked out what your gonna use them for.....what a beautiful Camellia too x Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

Katherine said...

We had a cold, wet day yesterday too. Today was lovely and sunny but still a bit on the cool side. I was warm in the kitchen cooking up a storm though. Love that camelia too. Such a delicate colour. Do you know what it is called.

Linda said...

Dian, you have a definite eye for spotting useful things. I've been searching for my cleaver ever since you and Radka began the Hapazome. I am sure the 'finds' will be put to good use.

That camellia is so beautiful. I don't have them here, but they are one of my favourites. Thanks so much for putting up such a perfect specimen.