Friday, April 27, 2012

Books and buttons

The weather here has been cold and went and windy for the last few days so it is not much good for painting the house or gardening.

This means, of course, that there is time to spend in the workroom. 

 I covered the front of this book with molding past and when it dried I added some paint and ink to create a bit of landscape at sunset.

The next step is to decide what to add to the picture.


Two new buttons have also been created.

These are very relaxing to work on while the television is on.


Anonymous said...

Nice full texture here, and those little french knots, can't get enough of them. Good stuff on a cold day. We are sunny and cold here too, all the way round the world. xox

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your books etc at the moment. I agree perfect weather to be inside LOL when not out walking doogie. Just got back from a walk and it is freezing! Big back wall is waiting until spring to be painted as I have officially had enough of the paintbrush in hand LOL would much rather threads instead.

Anonymous said...

Love those buttons Dian.Love cold weather for being indoors and playing.Looks like Autumn has finally arrived.I don't mind cold wet weather.
Judy x

Gina E. said...

You are very artistic and creative! Yes, the cold weather is conducive to staying inside and doing crafty stuff.

Karyn said...

sometimes I think the challenge with things like tour book is not what to add but when to stop! Your book looks lovely.
Cold here too, perfect for being indoors.

Radka said...

I like your book cover, Dian, it looks 3D.
The rose in your header is a very pretty one :)

Anonymous said...

Your book cover is very appealing Dian. I also like the buttons. Very nice. Laurel

Linda said...

Dian, you are having such fun with that molding paste. I love your sunset scene, especially the little tree with the purple flowers.

Your little buttons are so cute, and I can see you obviously love making them. The thread colours you've used are so pretty.

Sorry to hear the weather has been miserable. We had a bit of rain, not much, but at the moment it is still quite warm, with a prediction of some more rain in a few days.

Thank you so much for the goodies in the mail, everything is really cool.