Friday, April 20, 2012

a new start and finishing touches.

I have had a truly lovely day today.  Not that I have many bad ones but today was really good.

First treat was a trip to the hairdresser for a cut and colour.   Going to the hairdresser is high on my list of pleasurable activities.  Young ladies bring me coffee and chocolate to enjoy while I sit and read magazines and catch up on some local news and they work their magic on my hair.

After that I popped into Paper2, which I have mentioned previously - I was hoping to buy some rub'n'buff for the book cover I am working on.

I used to dismiss the rise of scrapbooking and cardmaking as a bit of a fad but having looked at some of the supplies and goodies involved I see that it is as much an artform as any of the things we do with textiles and that in fact many of the materials used are suitable for lots of creative activities.

As well as the rub'n'buff gold leaf I picked up some in antique white and silver leaf (in case I need them).  As well as that there was the lumiere metallic acrylic super sparkle, a distress ink pad in bundled sage, some pigment ink and just for fun some webbing spray.  This is something I haven't seen before but I am sure it will be useful.

As if that wasn't enough fun for one day my dear husband took me to the pub for a quick lunch before I joined a textile art group in the local area.

All in all - lots to be thankful for.



Karyn said...

it is so nice to sit and have your hair done. How nice they give you chocolates! A friend does my hair for me so I am usually the one providing the chocolate, or some such goodies, as a thankyou for cutting my hair.
it sounds like you had a wonderful day. Couldn't have been better I think; all those lovely things in the one day. I hope you enjoy the new group, should be just the thing with all your interests in textiles.

Linda said...

I love how the book cover has turned out Dian, just beautiful.

So pleased your day was pleasant. I absolutely adore going to the hairdresser, it is lovely having someone do your hair.

Very interested in your Paper2 purchases, well, very envious I should say........LOL.... I am hoping to buy that webbing spray when I get away again, it's hard to have it posted!!!

Hope the time with the art group was fun. Simple things are always a pleasure. Take care.

Shane Pollard said...

I love your book cover too Dian!!!
Isn't it a good feeling when all seems right with the world - you had one of those lovely days!!

I buy bits and bobs of scrapbook gear too for the cards and things I make, though my fave shop which was relatively close by closed and now I have a 20km hike!

Have a good week