Monday, April 23, 2012

painting just for fun

One of the joys of my job minding the twin girls from next door is the opportunity to play.

Today's play time included painting.

They weren't too keen on finger painting at first so we used brushes, foam rollers and anything else we could think of.

Then literally finger painting seemed like lots of fun.

Not so much on this little hand: much more on her sweet little face.

Lucky mummy wasn't here.

Once the playing was finished I decided to wrap the wet painted paper around a white covered book.

I smoothed some of the colour out with my hands (yes it was fun)
and then wrapped the second paper around.  It was hard to throw out their artwork so I am pleased to have the book to remember this first attempt at painting.

It just needs sealing I think.  


Anonymous said...

How lovely of you to let these little ones have so much fun with their painting.

Linda said...

Oh Dian, what fun, and the book covers have that definite contemporary grunge look..........LOL. Everyone is trying to achieve it these days, and the little girls are right on the money...............LOL..