Saturday, April 7, 2012

collage finished at last - I think

 I think this project is finally finished.
It has turned out quite well and I think I could just keep tweeking it endlessly.

The last thing I did was to paint some watered down transparent white gesso, with a tiny amount of brown water colour paint mixed in, over the entire piece.  There was just too much glitter and glitz so this flattened some of it out.
 It is a bit hard to photograph but I think you can see some of the detail.

The pressed flowers are still clearly visible and the paper serviette birds have been overpainted with black acrylic paint.

 To create this I have used pressed flowers machine made lace, tyvek, ribbon, faces made from air dried clay and painted, fabric flowers and leaves, paper serviette birds, butterflies and flowers.
PVA glue, gesso, modge podge and watercolour and acrylic paints.


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful piece! I have enjoyed watching the progress too as you have used some very interesting techniques.

Linda said...

This is really interesting Dian, and thanks so much for sharing your progress. I love the colours and textures you've used in the collage, and for me, it's a winner for sure. You certainly had lots of fun with it.

Judy Ferguson said...

Thank you for you kind comment on my blog post "Ozark Life." I love your paper collage and the color is wonderful. I just discovered the PVA glue and am working with paper elements also.