Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shopping and creating

 The term holidays are almost over and I have my grandson Ben staying for a few days.
He is really competent with the felting/embellishing machine.

We found some grassy green felt which I bought some time ago at the op shop.  I knew it would come in handy some time

Foraging around in the scrap box revealed some lovely silk and wool tops as well as pieces of yarn and tulle.


When I was in the city on Saturday I called in at Clegs in Elizabeth Street and bought some interesting yarn.  Of course the fact that I have bags of yarn in my
workroom didn't seem relevant at the time.

There are some amazing yarns available at present and although I don't knit I can always find something to use these for.

I noticed that there is an online service available from Clegs here.

While I was out with Ben today we called into
Paper2 in Mornington to buy some glue, and gel and crackle medium and clear sealer.

They have such a huge range of paper craft items that I could stay all day just browsing (well maybe a little shopping).  Take a look at their website here

So many items can be used with textiles as well as paper of course. 

Sorry this is a bit haphazard.  If I wasn't so tired I would edit it but I am sure you can find your way around it.

I hope everyone is managing to find time to relax and create something beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Grandson is a cutie! Must be really nice to have him there and time to play creatively with grandma. xox

Anonymous said...

Oh I love yarns too. I also have boxes, bins, crates..of yarn already.But those new ones you bought atre perfect for crafty projects galore.
Ben is such a treasure!!Great that you are teaching him to helpful to boys as they get HORMONAL in teenage years!!!

Anonymous said...

Dian, I had a long comment on here, but when I clicked it just disapperaed.great grandson.Ben looks like a lovely boy!!

Linda said...

Lovely to see Ben enjoying himself and creating something. He is a great kid.

Thanks for all the lovely photos and information. Both sites are new to me, and I have had some fun browsing. Too many places with too much interesting stuff!!

I just love all those fancy yarns, such possibilities!!