Sunday, April 1, 2012

lacemaking on the machine

I think making lace on my sewing machine is one of my favourite activities.  It is time consuming but it can be very relaxing -a  kind of meditation.  You have to feel completely in tune with the machine and the threads to achieve what you want. 
The pic on the left shows (not very clearly) a small piece of lace in orange thread with white flowers.  I made this piece some months (maybe years) ago as a practice piece and although I was pleased with it I couldn't think of how to use it.
Well it is now part of the collage I am working on and I think it works really well.
This second pic shows what can happen if you are not concentrating on locking all the areas together.
This is basic to making machine made lace and I have no idea what I was thinking about at the time.  Obviously not what I was working on.  Anyway I am not inclined to waste anything and although it didn't turn out well I know it can be used if I just set my mind to a little darning here and there.

It does look quite messy but I am sure I can make it work for the collage.
You can see clearly here that I have a bit of connecting to do.
  I deliberately worked on quite thick areas and that has turned out well.

  The threads I used were in Autumn colours with some metalics included.


The thread in the bobbin was green variegated so the back looks a bit different.

I will try to take a pic of the back when I have finished "fixing"  this.


Anonymous said...

Love seeing this process. You are very creative.

The wedding sounds like you had a good time too. Still got my cold after a week but at least I can function ok.

Radka said...

This looks very interesting. I am no good at this sort of thing, I should give it a try, but I am such hand stitcher :)

Corrine said...

Looks good to me Dian, don't know what needs fixing to me. xox

Jensters said...

Looks wonderful Dianne, ive made some lace like this a long while ago but really enjoyed it x

Linda said...

It looks fabulous to me Dian. I think the little unstitched areas are fine, and would find a place in any collage. The whole piece looks great. I have to agree with you, ie making free machined lace is just the bees' knees.

It was so lovely to chat earlier, always so nice to catch up with you. Hope someone would come up with a way to manufacture time!!!