Sunday, April 8, 2012

shapely trees

Kananook Creek
4th April 2012

I took these pics on Wednesday evening before having dinner with my friend Jackie at the Riviera Hotel in Seaford.


Corrine said...

Wonderful tree shapes, lovely views. xox Corrine

Linda said...

Glorious collage Dian, just love it. Thanks for sharing such shapely trees.

Karyn said...

What lovely photos Dianne. I never have my camera on me when I am out seeing beautiful sunsets etc. Maybe i should carry it more often.

WandarArt.Stitch said...

autumn beauty in nature with you and your beautiful work,
greetings :)))

Wendy said...

I almost fell off my chair when I saw the word 'Seaford'. I live in Sleaford - but after a second look I realised that I am 1000's of miles away. One day maybe :)