Sunday, April 1, 2012

We have just had the most lovely time attending the wedding of our nephew David and his beautiful bride Janine.  The little page boy stood like a statue and you can just catch a glimpse of the flower girl in the corner. 

There is only one thing more beautiful than a bride and that is a new mum.  This bride fulfills both of those criteria - their darling little girl is just 2 weeks old so everyone was full of love and happiness.

I always feel it is such a privilege to be invited to a wedding and although we both had/have dreadful colds we were thrilled to be there (but not too close to anyone).

Hopefully I will be able to post more pics of my ongoing collage - I added a few things last night.



Linda said...

So nice to hear the wedding went well Dian, and I wish the couple every happiness for the future. I also hope you are feeling a little brighter. The weekend here was beautiful, perfect weather in fact.

Karyn said...

Oh wow, a bride and a new mum; she must be so very happy (and very tired!!). Weddings are lovely, I do love seeing everyone so happy and seeing families coming together.