Monday, April 16, 2012

looking forward to spring

Although it is Autumn here I am thinking of spring.  Our garden is looking lovely but I am always planning ahead.  

While thinking about the garden I sketched out some ideas for my next stitching project.

I used my water colour pencils which are ideal for this kind of sketching.

Although the pastel pencils are great too I just prefer to work with these.

Once I am happy with the basic sketch I brush a little water over the surface to blend the colours and soften the effect.

Once it is damp I can add some more colour where I feel it is needed.

The next step is to decide on materials and embellishments.  This is the fun part.  I am thinking of using felt with wool and silk tops.

Felt is easy to work with and the wool and silk can give texture and depth of colour.


Anonymous said...

Sweet sketches, sketch me a chair and I will come and sit. xox

Linda said...

Your sketch is lovely Dian, and you are quite right saying the dampness gives the pencil colour depth!! I like 'your garden' and can see you fashioning it with all sorts of lovely bits and pieces. Sadly, Spring up here can be a bit non-existent, so I soak up the Autumn for as long as I can. We get lovely growth on trees at this time of the year. Happy stitching when you start your Spring Garden.