Monday, April 30, 2012

Lutrador and Lumiere

 I have had some Lutrador in the stash for quite a while but have not been interested in using it; that is until I saw someone else working with it on Friday.
 Although Linda has often talked about this product with great enthusiasm I really needed to see it being used.

So tonight I cut a small piece and with it on a piece of copy paper I used some Lumiere paints to create a flower.  I was surprised at how much paint went through to the page underneath.  However, it is often these happy accidents that provide another resource for future projects.
I sprayed some Starburst Spray over the lot and then, using my soldering iron I cut out the flower shape.

So now I have a lutrador flower and another flower painted onto a piece of paper.  I can see another book cover in the next day or so.

Lutrador might just be my new favourite material for creative projects.  I will do a bit more experimenting  to find out how it can be used - that is always just a good excuse for spending time messing about! 

This link is a great starting point if you are interested in Lutrador .


Anonymous said...

You make me think of Spring even though I know it's Fall for you. Someone over here, can't remember her name does amazing sculptural pieces with lutradur. She moved from traditional quilting to using it to make these giant abstract panels. Lovely stuff. It will come to me and I will let you know. xox

Anonymous said...

You and Linda both come up with some very interesting techniques and I love seeing them. I don't know that I would start dabbling in them myself as I prefer more traditional embroidery forms but I do love what you make with all these different materials and paints. I think I would find it too much of a challenge artistically LOL

Linda said...

Just love your experiment Dian, and hope you have more fun with Lutradur soon. Time isn't always on our side is it. Now, do I detect a hint of purple in there.........LOL???? We just can't resist it can we.